Monday, June 6, 2011

Gut feelings: E3, day 1

Well, I have a few thoughts on day 1 of E3. Here they are, in no particular order.

-Forza Motorsport 4 looks great. I need some confirmation that Porsche is back, but so far, I think it's the game of the show so far.

-I really, really don't know what to think about Need for Speed: The Run having quick-time events. I need to see some more gameplay.

-More Halo? Why am I not suprised? A remake of the original sounds nice, though.

-Never played an SSX game before, the new one looks cool. Pun intended.

-All that new Kinect stuff looks okay. Not my cup of tea, but the Star Wars Kinect title looks interesting.

-I took the PSP version of ModNation Racers as part of my PSN welcome back goodies... and they're making a PS Vita version? Crap...

-Speaking of Vita... (Insert I Love Lucy reference here). The new Wipeout game looks great, though, so Sony can shut up and take my money.

-I never played a Resistance game before, either. That Resistance 3/ PS Move/Sharpshooter bundle looks tempting.

-Kotaku's liveblogs are the best.

-The new Giant Bomb E3 quest looks achievable.

-Bioshock Infinite will have Move controls on the PS3? Damn, gotta get that version now.

-Speaking of PS Move, I want that Star Trek phaser attachment. And the game, too.

-Wait, NFS The Run gets PS3 exclusives? But I've been using the Xbox 360 for all my NFS needs... oh screw it, I'm switching my preorder now, I need the Bugatti Veyron.

-$249 for the Vita? Sounds reasonable.

Bring on Nintendo, this is going to be epic.

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