Wednesday, June 8, 2011

More E3 thoughts...

- I think the WiiU is a stupid name, but the controller looks cool. How much will it cost?
- The WiiU is getting a Tekken game. Finally, Nintendo nerds can stop pretending that Smash Brothers is a fighting game?
- The WiiU has no GameCube support. Lame.
- Soulcalibur V looks okay, but it's still a year out, so it has time to improve. Hopefully, Seung Mina and Talim return. Shut up.
- Still no word on Porsche's involvement in Forza Motorsport 4. :-(
- The new Fanatec Xbox 360 wheel looks awesome, though. :-)
- Want.
- If the home version of Tekken Tag 2 won't be coming out for a while, I'll take this.
- Street Fighter X Tekken is a buy now that my main Asuka's in.
- (insert something about Namco fighters here)
- Big Forza 4 blow out tomorrow. Game of the show material there!

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