Friday, February 4, 2011

Housekeeping note

I'm sorry that I didn't have anything yesterday,  I had a paralegal studies test and I had to study for it. I felt like I did well, and I've been having a decent week overall. I just got a traffic ticket dismissed today, the weather's awesome (no snow in Florida!), I learned that there's going to be a new Sega Rally game, and I have a job interview on Monday. Everything's going my way, and I can't complain.

That being said, I do have some things that I want to post in the future. Next week, I want to talk about the whole Penny Arcade controversy that's going on, and my thoughts on shock humor. Then, I want to throw out some guest characters I'd like to see in the next Soulcalibur game. Finally, I want to share my wishlist of games I want to see on Sony's new PSP successor.

I hope to see you back here throughout the month!

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