Thursday, January 20, 2011

Random thought for the day on the 3DS

I'm interested in getting a Nintendo 3DS, depending on how big my tax return is, but I'm waiting on some reviews on the games first.

The new Ridge Racer 3DS looks okay, but I heard the 3D effect isn't impressive. I don't know how Street Fighter plays on a handheld. I need more info on the Resident Evil games. Pretty much the only thing that interests me at the moment is Nintendogs & Cats. The other first-party Nintendo titles interest me as well, but I want to read reviews first, as well.

Between the 3DS, PSP2, iPod Touch, and Android, handheld gamers have a lot of options, and I'm confused on what to get. Maybe I'll have a concrete idea on what to get once Sony finally shows off the PSP2. Any thoughts?

Next week, speaking of Ridge Racer, I'll explain why the future of the series should be more like Criterion Games' take on Need for Speed.


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